Space Elevator release self-titled album through self-titled label

Space Elevator band shotReleased through Space Elevator Records, Space Elevator is the self-titled debut album from….Space Elevator. Fortunately, what they lack in creativity when it comes to naming things, they more than make up for on the music front.

Brought together by ‘We Will Rock You’ guitarist David Young, the five piece is a who’s who of musical talent (including The Who’s Elliott Ware on keys for example) who are all looking to pay tribute to the heady days of 80s rock:

As you can see from this mini-compilation, the album is a collection of chunky power chords and guitar riffs, powered by similarly meaty drums and fronted by a dollsome extrovert of a front woman who calls herself ‘The Duchess’. It’s genuinely good fun, a throwback to a familiar sound of old and refreshingly straightforward in its execution.

Preceded by the single ‘Elevator’ (below), the album hits in March.

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