Norwegian duo Royksopp release new single remix – ‘Running to the Sea (Villa Remix)

(Released November 5th 2013)

On December 16th 2013 chart-topping electronic duo Röyksopp present ‘Running To The Sea’ – their first new single since 2011, and the remixed version was released on November 5th 2013.

The Norwegian duo have generally flickered across pop, dance and disco across their 14 year career creating a pretty unique sound in the process. In 2001 the irresistible melodies of ‘Eple’ gained them a good deal of musical acclaim, and the album ‘Melody AM’ on which it features reached the top 10 in the UK album charts and Royksopp#1 in the Norwegian charts.

Since then they have broadened their sound collaborating with and creating remixes with the likes of Trentemoller, Beck, Kings of Leon and even featuring Benedict Cumberbatch on their 2013 Late Night Tales mix.

This track doesn’t quite stand up to the kind of scrutiny their music has earned them. ‘Running to the Sea’ is certainly a pop song and not one likely to make it into many clubs, but even as a pop track it’s fairly generic. It has many of the ‘sweeping’ and expansive qualities of brilliant tracks like ‘The Drug’ and ‘What Else is There’ but none of the formers euphoric qualities and none of the latter’s fearful melancholy.

It is therefore sadly quite middle of the road synth pop, at a time of massive synth nostalgia this seems a bit of a shame.

‘Running To The Sea’ will be released on Royksopp’s label Dog Triumph, via Wall of Sound and Cooking Vinyl in the UK.

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