The Dice release debut EP ‘Double 6’

Release date: December 2nd

The brainchild of Beetroot Records head honcho Alfonso Araujo, The Dice is a dark, quirky collaboration project that brings together some of the brightest up and coming artists in the urban-electronica field.

Combining everything from synth lines to dirty blues guitar, their three track debut release blends together a host of influences to create a truly varied sound. The lead single, ‘Roll The Dice’, springs from the urban genre.

Backed by a solid beat, the track is impactful hip-hop at its best, featuring the vocals of emceeKilla and the production skills of Araujo himself – a collaboration that results in a debut track that could genuinely make a mark.

With Beetroot Records and The Dice developing quickly as a label and artist team, ‘Double 6’ is a very effective introduction. The EP also includes original track ‘Impulse of War’, and a dance remix blending ‘Roll The Dice’ and ‘Impulse of War’ (produced by Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss) which further cements their varied methods. It’s an approach that will also be reflected on their forthcoming album, an eclectic ensemble of electronic sounds, raw beats, dirty guitar, violins and different vocalists. In the meantime, ‘Double 6’ is an EP that deserves to be explored.

Hear ‘Roll The Dice’ on Soundcloud:


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