Sonic Singles: She’s A Stomper – City Weezle

Where can you go when you’ve done it all? Multinational prog-rock pioneers City Weezle haven’t quite done it all in their short career, thus far, but they’ve given it a damn good go. Since their debut self-titled EP in 2006, the band has worked tirelessly to produce some of the most eclectic and outlandishly-fused rock music the industry has had the pleasure of witnessing.

Ahead of their next full-length release, ‘No.2’, the band has emerged with yet another teaser. This particular number, ‘She’s a Stomper’, answers that very question of ‘where do we go from here’. The answer? Back to basics.

In fact, while the band’s history is drenched in the weird and wonderful – with terrific results – it’s almost strange, perhaps even worrying, to hear the band supposedly adopting a more ‘domestic’ sound. There is no need for such fear, however, as ‘She’s a Stomper’ is a triumphant blend of straight forward hard rock with the ‘City Weezle’ embellishments that elevate the track beyond convention whilst retaining the track’s accessibility. Ram-packed with their trademark off-kilter rhythms and brutal jabs from vocalist Simon Fluery, as well as some intriguing sampling in the track’s latter moments, we find one of the most memorable yet bizzare City Weezle creations yet.

It’s lacking of complexity is countered by the brilliance of its succinct hook and its general simplicity is well balanced by the band’s constant strive to incorporate the ‘unordinary’. It comes as a lull in the madness after the band’s previous two teasers, ‘Captain Introspective’ and ‘Underground In Europe’ did well to retain the band’s endearing absurdity so this track, if anything, is the band flexing their creative muscles without diluting their own identity.

‘She’s a Stomper’ is great example of how sometimes taking your foot off the accelerator and slowing down can make you see the bigger picture. In City Weezle’s position, slowing down and taking a more ‘straight-forward approach’ has only served to widen their already well-stocked arsenal of tricks; there really isn’t much they can’t do.

No.2 is set to be unleashed on the 3rd of December 2021!

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